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Reference welding positioner choice when what?

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In the previous article we have an idea of the types of welding positioner, but know that is not enough, the most important is to know how to choose. Although all the actual construction case basis, but in the selection of welding positioner or when there is the need for strict compliance with the relevant principles of. Include the following:
Welding positioner is suitable or not, first of all it depends on the extent applicable the workpiece, which is a very different different parts of their shape structure, which is different welding requirements, only matched welding positioner in order to achieve the required welding.
Further, in the case of manual operation, the operator of the welding positioner also have a say, if you can easy to operate on the basis of compliance with the requirements of the industry so much the better. It would appear, then, is safe, reliable, open and good, high and low operation, compact machine is suitable for welding positioner, welding efficiency due to ease of operation can be greatly improved.

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