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The use of high efficiency shelf automatic welding machine it

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For welding have a certain understanding of friends all know, when in operation, if the speed is too fast, not be able to guarantee the quality of the product, for example, will be crooked seam after another, or even simply not welding firm, and too fast also prone to accidents. Therefore, an artificial way to the welding efficiency is very low, but sometimes also cause deformation of parts, welding or too deep. If you are using automatic welding machine shelf to engage in welding operations, not only to work together quickly and welded components is not compromised, weld nice.
Wuxi Kai Feng Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. production Casting welding machines and many more advantages. This device not only can be welded at both ends, according to design requirements, only we need to do the welding end, then the other side of the gun down, and torch can be a good one. In addition, some time may be three sides to be welded, so together with a welding torch, welding together three sides, efficiency is not a star the slightest.
This control is also very advanced above, have adopted touch screen to set the relevant parameters. Welding is not done even before friends, as long as the understanding of letters and words, know the basic touch-screen operation, after a simple learning in touch welding parameters entered above, then the company can carry out its own, completely without human intervention . Light cargo, heavy-duty shelves, etc. all are able to use this machine for welding.
In fact, this welding machines in some small plants may not have to use a lot. However, in some large equipment production plant, for example, require the production of warehouse racks, or the production of heavy-duty shelves, also need to produce shelves or beams when if it is used to doing welding work particularly long time, and because when the operation tedious, possible accidents. At this point we need such a machine to solve the problem.

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