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For welding machine operator should pay attention to what?

发布时间:2016-07-30  阅读:1678次
Welding machine welding technicians work using relatively common, but the use of welding machine operator should pay attention to what? Xiaobian summarizes some, share with you:
Operation, check the pressure on the welding machine operator organizations should be flexible, fixtures should be solid, gas, hydraulic system leak, confirm normal only after welding.
Welding machine operator should be placed on the interior, and a reliable ground, such as multiple parallel installation of the welding operation machine, the spacing of not less than 3m.
Welding machine operator before welding, weld reinforcement should be based on cross-sectional, secondary voltage adjustment shall not exceed welding welding machine operator specified diameter rebar. Breaker contact point, the electrode should be regularly light grinding, all the secondary circuit connecting bolts should be periodically tightened. cooling water temperature should not exceed 40 ° C; displacement should be based on temperature regulation.
Winter construction, the indoor temperature should not be lower than 8 ° C. After the operation, put as much as possible within the welding operation machine water cooling.
Long welding steel should be set bracket. Reinforced with handling operator, should pay attention to prevent the welding sparks burns. Flash zone should be set bezel, welding machine welding unrelated persons not admitted.

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