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Operation Technical Features

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Operation machine suitable for holding water forging presses or hammers complete feed, turn, turn around and other major actions on helping forging machinery. Forging operation helps to improve working conditions, increase production rate. Based on need, the operating machine can also be used to hold stove, oven, and successful implementation of remote sensing and interaction with the host. Operating machine structure of rail and non-rail two, the transmission mode with mechanical, hydraulic, and hybrid and so on. Besides this, there are dedicated to helping the process of operation of certain machines, such as the operation of machines and equipment reclaimer machine tool operation. For proper operation of office machines, sometimes furnished with forging turned desk to forging convenient U-turn. In large forging and stamping, the robotic application every day there has been widespread, so the robot is actually a semi-automatic forging operation.
Operating machine technology unique place
One that fit with full hydraulic transmission, highly integrated valve blocks, large flow path, the system pressure losses fold less;
2, tightly closed high-performance, thinks fit tightly closed using imported components;
3, the oil temperature curb good, clever mind the unique special oil default, the real face of the hydraulic system in the best possible, even in the long term things large load conditions offices, can easily be sufficient to serve;
4, the motor system may consider appropriate use of cycloid gear motors and involute reduce the speed machine combination, perfectly successful implementation of the CVT carts traveling gantry turned;
Special clamping mechanism with accumulator pressure has repaid the clamping force and prison steady;
5, three interlocking structure due to the rise and fall in parallel jaws, clamping lever tilt, rotate 360 degrees, three-dimensional arbitrary flexible rotation;
6, the whole operation of the power input than similar machine energy 70 one hundred percent;
7, manipulator nice shape, compact structure closely, the action is very flexible and can be particularly well done great manipulator is no way to complete the action, allowing the operator to experience realize human unity;
8, Congxinsuoyu feeling, fully demonstrated the robot manipulator to change the fundamental significance;
9, with a semi-automatic curb industrial input port as early as possible for your facility progressing supply convenient conditions to grade the whole story of the first models in its class.

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