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Welding positioner Handling Precautions

发布时间:2016-07-30  阅读:1588次
Welding positioner Handling Precautions welding positioner more types, classification of different operating precautions to be different. Then the next Xiaobian explain welding positioner handling precautions.
For seat-type welding positioner, this model has an overall flip workbench freedom, the job can be flipped to the ideal working welding place mainly used for some pipes, plate welding. General not fixed on the foundation, easy to move. is currently the most widely used structural forms, regular and telescopic boom welding machine used in conjunction.
Two-seater welding positioner is a flip and swivel function at a variable bit mechanical. Flip and rotation, respectively, by the two-axis drive, clamp the workpiece table in addition to rotating around its own axis, but also around the other -axis is tilted or inverted, it can be a variety of positions weldment adjusted to the horizontal or the weld "ship" of easy welding position welding, for the frame type, box type, plate type, and other non-long workpieces welding.
For cantilever welding positioner, the tilt axis position they are mostly fixed. Such positioner range, ability to adapt to the job well, but the overall stability is rather poor, in manual welding applications more so to say, it is basically the operating specifications and manual welding operations specification.

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