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Welding roller stand types and uses

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Welding roller stand series consists of self-tuning, adjustable, flat car type, can be tilted, and other forms of anti-axial movement. For cylindrical body welding, polishing, rubber lined and assembly, self-adjusting welding roller stand can adjust itself according to the size of the cylinder, adjustable screw welding roller stand can be adjusted tranche adjustment screws, etc., using AC inverter control, line speed digital display, advanced and reliable, the factory can be customized according to user needs and design various types of welding roller stand Lee.
Self-adjusting welding welding roller stand can adjust itself according to the diameter of the drum. Welding Welding rotator drive using cycloid reducer worm reducer means or methods, dual motor drive. According to the needs of users, the wheel of rubber tire, steel wheels, steel, plastic wheel assembly three forms; linkage control with other equipment. The welding welding roller stand mainly for cylindrical body welding, polishing, rubber lined and assembly, but also tie in with other tooling cone diameter ranging from sub-assembly and welding rotator. Welding welding roller stand products are widely used in wind power, pressure vessel, petrochemical, pipeline, steel, boiler, shipbuilding, welding repair industry.
Welding welding roller stand in the welding process is characterized by applying pressure without adding filler material. Most bonding methods such as diffusion welding, high frequency welding, cold welding so there is no melting process, and thus not as useful as welding burning of alloying elements, and the problem of harmful elements penetrated welds, welding welding roller stand thus simplifying welding process, but also improve health and safety conditions of the welding. Same time as the heating temperature is lower than the welding, the heating time is short, and therefore heat affected zone. Many difficult fusion welded materials, bonding can often be welded into the base material of equivalent strength and quality fittings.

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